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Prisoners participating in the incident involving Giorgi Rurua transferred to a strict regime penitentiary institution
Five prisoners from No 8 penitentiary institution, who participated in the incident against Giorgi Rurua on 2 November 2020, were transferred to No 6 strict regime penitentiary institution on 3 November 2020.
They were transferred after, on the basis of the decision of the Special Penitentiary Service, their regime was toughened due to their participation in the incident. 

An investigation had been initiated under Article 126(11)(b) (regular beating or other violence committed by a group of persons) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, into the incident that took place against convicted Giorgi Rurua on 2 November 2020 at No 8 penitentiary institution. Giorgi Rurua, as well as all the respective prisoners and inspectors, have been interviewed within the scope of the investigation.
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