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Investigation into the incident involving Giorgi Rurua initiated


On 2 November 2020, Salome Samadashvili, a member of the United National Movement, announced on Formula TV that the convict - Giorgi Rurua had been attacked in jail under a political order from the State.
The same day, at a press briefing held with Giorgi Rurua’s lawyer – Dimitry Sadzaglishvili Salome Samadashvili talked about the incident at the Penitentiary Establishment N8 to declare this was a premeditated attack. In this regard, the Special Penitentiary Service states that on 2 November 2020, Giorgi Rurua, a convict of No 8 Penitentiary Facility, was taken out of his cell for a meeting with a lawyer. Approximately 15:25 p.m, while walking through the E-6 wing of the 1st Regime Block (being under a 24-hour electronic-visual surveillance), he was verbally and physically assaulted by P.N., an accused, who was making a phone call at that time in the nearby guard room. It should be noted that during the period, toilet repairs were underway in a nearby cell No 76 (the accused P.N.’s cell), due to which the cell door was open. While Giorgi Rurua was moving through the wing of the building, an officer of the Department of Legal Regime had closed the door of the cell and was standing nearby. When a physical confrontation between P.N and Giorgi Rurua took place, the officer ran to get them apart, when suddenly P.N's cellmates: N.O., D.Dz., G.J. and G.Ts. came out of the cell, and they assaulted Giorgi Rurua too, both verbally and physically. 

The incident was handled by the staff of the penitentiary facility, however, as a result of the physical confrontation, there were some bruises left on Giorgi Rurua’s face. The surgeon on duty at the time of the incident at the facility immediately rendered first medical aid to him. The incident was immediately reported to the investigative body, in accordance with the procedure, and an investigation was initiated. The questioning procedures are currently underway, and the video footage of the incident has been archived in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation. Further, in order not to leave any room for political speculations, the Special Penitentiary Service has decided to make public and disseminate the video-footage of the incident. Noteworthy, Giorgi Rurua refused to answer questions of investigators without his lawyer present. His lawyer Mr Sadzaglishvili, who was making statements in media during the whole evening, was contacted by the investigator but he refused to visit the Prison Establishment N8 and attend Rurua’s questioning saying that he was too busy.


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