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Delegation of Ministry of Justice Is Paying Working Visit to Netherlands
The delegation of the Ministry of Justice, headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Thea Tsulukiani is paying official visit to the Netherlands. The purpose of the working visit is to study the policies, services, juvenile penitentiary institutions and practices of the juvenile justice sector in the Netherlands. The Georgian delegation also includes the Deputy Minister of Justice, Director General of the Special Penitentiary Service, Giorgi Pataridze, Head of the National Probation Agency, Tatia Khocholava and Director of the 8th Penitentiary Institution, Nodar Kinkladze.

Sharing the Dutch experience is particularly important for the success of the ongoing probation and penitentiary reform in Georgia. Juvenile probation and penitentiary systems in the Netherlands are one of the most up-to-date and innovative. Understanding and analyzing the approaches and practices introduced in Holland will help Georgia to further refine juvenile criminal policy, and rehabilitation and re-socialization programs for inmates.

“Our special interest is the reform that is currently underway in the pilot mode in the Netherlands. I think we can introduce something like this in Georgia. This is a family-run penitentiary institution where several juveniles belonging to the same low risk group, with same educational interests and aspirations live in a family environment prior to their official release,” said the Minister of Justice.

Visits are planned to the Amsterdam Juvenile Family Prison Facility, as well as to the Department of Juvenile Delinquency and the Juvenile Medium Risk Facility. Delegation members will have the opportunity to learn about the services provided by state to juvenile prisoners, including their rehabilitation and re-socialization.

The visit is being supported and funded by the EU Support Project in the Netherlands.

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