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Delegation of Ministry of Justice Ends Its Visit to Netherlands
A delegation of the Ministry of Justice visited today the Amsterdam District Court and held a meeting with a juvenile judge. Members of the delegation were informed about the criminal justice policies of the Netherlands in relation to juvenile justice, how their crimes are being investigated, what approaches the legislation envisions in the judicial process, and what the penal system for juveniles.

The purpose of the working visit is to study the policies, services, juvenile penitentiary institutions and practices of the juvenile justice sector in the Netherlands. For Georgia, which under the initiative of Justice Minister, Thea Tsulukiani, started a few years ago to reform juvenile justice and develop an entirely new code based on the best interests of the child, sharing the experience of the Netherlands is very important.

The main interest of the Delegation of the Ministry of Justice is the penitentiary system in the Netherlands, and in particular, the Open Family Prisons for Juveniles. Reform is in pilot mode in Amsterdam. The case concerns a family-run penitentiary where several juveniles belonging to the same low risk group, having similar educational interests and aspirations live in a family environment prior to their official release. The Minister of Justice plans to introduce a similar model of family prison in Georgia, where up to ten children belonging to the same risk group and having similar aspirations will be placed and sentenced to serve in similar environments.

Before meeting with the judge, members of the delegation also visited traditional juvenile prisons in the Netherlands. The Georgian delegation had an opportunity to get acquainted under what conditions juvenile prisoners are being served and what programs are being implemented to rehabilitate them.

The visit is being supported and funded by the EU Support Project in the Netherlands.

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