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The lawyers of Ivane Merabishvili has been received new documentations about improved health condition of the convict
On 3 October, 2018, the Special Penitentiary Service informed the lawyers of Ivane Merabishvili about medical studies carried out on September 20, 2018 and sent complete copies of the results (materials from 25 sheets and 3 CD). It should be noted that special penitentiary service has offered to lawyers of convict Ivane Merabishvili to take these documents, but they have not yet taken these documents.

As for the copies of medical records reflecting medical service provided until September 20, 2018, they were also supplied as letters 13.09.2018. N841990 and 19.09.2018 N860607 at different time.

According to medical documentation of the clinic “Aversi” which is sent to lawyers today, dated 26 September (Medical documentation NIV-100 / a), the patient has a high degree of regeneration of clinical signs of the Horner syndrome in the dynamics as a result of treatment, which is confirmed by the same convict himself.

The Special Penitentiary Service once again calls on lawyers of convict, to respect the rights of the patient and the opinions and conclusions of highly qualified medical personnel.

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