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Zviad Mikhanashvili: I am glad that Georgia was presented on the 73rd session of UN General Assembly
Deputy Minister of Justice, General Director of the Special Penitentiary Service, Zviad Mikhanashvili has been responding to the initiative in the framework of „Good Human Rights Stories” (GHRS) of the EU Special Representative for Human Rights in Georgia.

This initiative and countries including in it were presented on special event which was organized within the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly.

According to deputy minister of justice, general director of the special penitentiary service, Zviad Mikhanashvili, in recent years the reform of the penitentiary system of Georgia has resulted in breakthrough and progress in many directions.

“I am glad that Georgia has been among the countries on which the UN High Command talked about. In recent years, the Georgian penitentiary system has made significant progress in many directions. The process of reform was difficult, but on the one hand we managed to ensure that the penitentiary system was protected by human rights, on the other hand, to maintain the terms and conditions of security.”– said Zviad Mikhanashviuli.

According to the head of the special penitentiary department, in the management of the petitionary system the huge role was played by the initiative of dividing convicts according to risks. In addition, it is important to take into consideration that in the framework of reforms, convicts were allowed to get higher education through distance learning as well as vocational education, which helps them to find jobs after being released from prison. Moreover, this excludes the risk of repeated offenses.

According to Zviad Mikhanashvili, new type of training institution was set up for the dismissal. There are low risk convicts who have no more than a year to end the serivce. Convicts of this institution have an opportunity to leave it on holydays. However, if they show references from employer based on the work schedule, they can leave institution daily.

According to Zviad Mikhanashvili, breakthrough occurred in penitentiary healthcare as well.

Hepatitis C treatment programs are successfully implementing in penitentiary establishments, also tuberculosis has been overcome. This was mentioned several times by international organizations. The World Health Organization noted in its latest report that TB treatment program is successfully implemented in Georgia ".

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