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Voting process for the 2018 presidential elections is underway in penitentiary establishments
Voting process for the 2018 presidential elections is underway in penitentiary establishments. Electoral precincts were opened in nine penitentiary establishments at 08:00 a.m.
According to the legislation of Georgia, accused and convicted persons in the less serious offenses have the right to vote in presidential elections.

Representatives of various structural units under the special penitentiary service are making their own choice through the 24/7 mobile box on the Election Day.

According to member of the election commission district, Aleksandre Gutsashvili in the penitentiary establishments the precincts were opened on time and elections are being held without any incidents. He said that voting activity is normal and want to thank to the prison administration for organizing election process in compliance of the legislation of Georgia.

According to one of the convicts, elections are held in compliance with the legislation at the penitentiary establishment.

As the observer from the political party “United National Movement” Sandro Alaverdashvili mentioned the election process is stable and there have been evidences of violation yet.
The Central Election Commission is conducting the election process in penitentiary institutions. Representatives of different political parties and nongovernmental organizations are observing the voting process.

Special Penitentiary Service is conducting the election process in peaceful and free environment at the institutions, which are under its control.

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