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Statement of the Special Penitentiary Service on health condition of Ivane Merabishvili.
The special penitentiary service strictly disagrees with the statement of the convict Ivane Merabishvili’s lawyer that the health condition of convict has worsen and he has signs of intoxication. The medical personnel of the penitentiary establishment appropriately treated the convict.

Ivane Merabishvili was transferred to civil medical institution several times. It worth to mention, that the selection of the institution was agreed with the convict. The specialists conducted the relevant consultations and high-tech examinations on Ivane Merabishvili. In particular, Otto-Rino-Laryngologist, Ophthalmologist, and Neurologist treated him; additionally, he was provided with the magnetic resonance study of the brain in angiographic mode, magnetic resonance study of the neck and spine column, rheumatoid arthritis, rhinoplasty, ophthalmoscopy.

In order to prevent political speculations, the special penitentiary service decided to make a diagnose public. The convict was diagnosed with vasocortal rhinitis, Horner's syndrome (right), bluff-conjunctivitis.

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