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Kakha Kakhishvili had a hearing with Members of the Trust Group of the Parliament
Kakha Kakhishvili attended the sitting of the Trust Group of the Parliament. The minister provided information regarding secret procurement carried out in 2015-16 years.

“We have provided exhaustive answers to all the questions. You are aware of the specificity of the Ministry of Corrections of Georgia. There are closed-type penitentiary facilities whose infrastructure, corridors, perimeter, sewage ware arrangement, etc. are classified as secret information. We tidily assess all questions. Prisoner's health and safety is a priority for us. Therefore, issues related to infrastructural projects, the safety of inmates and nutrition-related matters are secret and these types of purchases are made through electronic tender "Griffith Secret", - said the Minister.

According to Head of the Trust Group Irakli Sesiashvili, the Minister of Corrections has the right policy towards procurement.

“The penal system has its specifics and requires particular approach. Therefore, the Minister has formulated reforms and plans very well. Some steps have already been taken, and we expect that the procurement system will be maximally in line, which will reduce costs and increase efficiency” - said Irakli Sesiashvili.

The leader of the parliamentary majority Archil Talakvadze says that there is a dramatic improvement concerning the protection of prisoners' rights and conditions. We have received exhaustive answers to all questions raised in the report prepared by the Audit Office. The Minister has an accurate view of future improvement, including the development of new penitentiary establishments.

Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee Eka Beselia noted that the meeting shows that all parameters related to secret procurement such as nutrition issues, construction standards, and infrastructure comply with international standards.

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